11 Amazing Podcasts for Sustainable Living

I love multitasking and try to be productive as possible.  With podcasts I can learn something new while doing my morning exercises or chores.

Sustainability is a huge topic with so many different categories – it can easily be overwhelming.  Each podcasts has their niche categories of topics, so you’re bound to find one that resonates with you. 

If you’re looking for something to listen to that will expand your mind and perspective about sustainable living - I’ve got a few suggestions for you! 


1.  Conscious Style

Host: Elizabeth Joy
Topics:  Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Listen to inspiring interviews with a wide range of change makers in the fashion industry.   Elizabeth explores what it will take to create a better, more sustainable and equitable future for fashion.


2.  Wise Consumer

Host: Madeleine
Topics: Nutrition, Hormones, Eco + Conscious Living

We’re getting real with experts, scientists, nutritionists, endocrinologists and advocates while still getting in some good chats with founders of sustainable brands. This is the place to get firsthand knowledge and know-how for some of your most pressing health concerns and sustainability questions.

3. Spirit of 608

Host:  Lorraine Sanders
Topics: Fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech.

Listen to inspiring stories, tips and advice from women at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech.


4.  Conscious Chatter  

Host: Kestrel Jenkins
Topics:  Sustainable fashion, Conscious fashion

Enjoy a very informative and inspiring podcast that discusses ethical and sustainable fashion and the global garment supply chain.  There’s so much to learn in this topic. 


5.  Green Dreamer  

Host: Kamea Chayne
Topics: Sustainability, Ecological Regeneration, Wellness

Green Dreamer is a podcast and multimedia journal exploring our paths to holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness for all.


6.  Sustainability Defined

Hosts: Jay Siegal & Scott Breen
Topics: Sustainability

In each episode, one concept is defined and explored with the help of an expert.  Each concept falls into the category of either: energy, cities, natural environment, transportation, business, policy and social.  This is a very educational and engaging podcast that puts things into an easy to digest perspective. 


7.  For What It's Earth

Hosts: Emma Brisdion & Llyod Hopkins
Topics: Environment, Climate & Sustainability

Environment, climate change, nature and sustainability podcast making big issues bite-sized, and asking, ‘What can we do to save the planet?’

In each episode, Emma and Lloyd tackle a different topic (or ask an expert) to find out where the problems lie and what we can do about them in our everyday lives.


8.  Hey Change

Host:  Anne Therese Gennari
Topics: Climate change, social justice, sustainability

Start a new journey with Anne and meet her amazing guests.  If you’re ready to make some meaningful changes in your life – this is a great place to start.  


9.  Red to Green  

Host: Marina Schmidt
Topics:  Sustainable food tech

Learn about innovations and alternatives in the food industry for a more sustainable future.  Pretty interesting stuff here! 


10.  Wardrobe Crisis  

Host: Clare Press
Topics: Sustainable & ethical fashion

Each week Clare interviews international guests about the huge issues within the fashion industry.  Get the inside look and be part of the change for the future.


11.  The Green Divas

Host: Megan McWilliams
Topics: Green living tips and environmental concerns

Real world advice for sustainable living and climate change by sharing tips, product recommendations and interviews.     


So what other podcasts are you listening to?  Remember that sustainability is an ongoing journey and no one is perfect.  We do better when we know better.

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