12 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Hemp is a classic fiber that’s seeing a resurgence in just about every category possible.   It literally has 1000s of uses for oil, seed and fiber.  But let’s focus on fashion – hemp has changed a lot.  It isn’t  just for hippies anymore, so leave thoughts of itchiness and scratchiness behind.   

Hemp plays nice with other fabrics to create wonderful textures when blended.  Our hemp fabric is blended with Tencel to create soft and flowy clothing, so you can breeze through your day in comfort.

Here are a few reasons why this amazing fabric should be in your closet.

  1. Naturally antibacterial – blocks mold & mildew. Great if you sweat a lot or have sensitive skin. 
  2.  Naturally blocks odors - save time and energy by washing your clothes less often (because they don’t smell)

  3.  Hypo-allergenic – great for sensitive skin.

  4. Naturally blocks UV rays – great for skin.

  5. Hemp fibers don’t weaken after washes. Instead it gets softer - making it  more comfortable.

  6. Hemp can be grown without pesticides and chemicals – great for your skin and the planet.

  7.  Sustainable crop and easy to grow almost anywhere. Grows quickly and uses only 1/20th the amount of water that cotton uses to grow and process.

  8. Super breathable and wicks away moisture – great for humid or sweaty days.

  9. Hemp is durable and 4x stronger than cotton.

  10.  Adapts to weather – keeps you cool in the summer, but warmer in the winter.

  11.  Hemp is a carbon negative crop, it absorbs CO2 from the air. This means it helps Mother Earth and cleans the air we breathe.

  12.  Hemp retains its color and shape better than other natural fibers – so you can keep your favorite hemp garments even longer.    

    Hemp is such an amazing crop, so it’s not hard to see why so many sustainable brands are interested in this fiber.  Hemp is here to stay and leading the way for slow fashion. 

    We know you’ll love this fabric as much as we do.  It has flecks of white and navy, making it easy to mix and match with our collection or basics from your closet.  No doubt about it, hemp will easily become a wardrobe staple in your sustainable closet.  Just give it a try!  

    Check out our beautiful collection of Hemp/Tencel clothing here.  We use quality, plant based and sustainable fabrics to create eco-gorgeous garments that are made to last.   We also plant (1) tree for every garment sold.

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