8 Things Your Bridesmaids Won’t Tell You

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things in life.  However, being mindful of your bridal party’s possible pain points could be the key to having a smoother ride. 

  1. NO, I didn't really want to be a bridesmaid. It’s awkward to refuse a bridesmaid proposal.  Perhaps your grade school BFFs were once pre-designated bridesmaids, but now you’re not as close as you used to be.  Or maybe she doesn’t have the bandwidth to add more things on her plate?  Being part of a bridal party can be a huge time and financial commitment, so don’t take it too personal. 

  2. It’s too expensive to be your bridesmaid.  This is a popular one.  She loves you, but didn’t plan on spending so much on festivities.  Be upfront about estimated financial costs, so she knows what she’s signing up for.  If it’s out of her budget, offer to cover or split the costs, or change up the events.

  3.  You’re a bridezilla. We’ve all seen the movies and promised our friends that we’d never become one, but sometimes you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.  It’s so easy to obsess over all the details and want to control everything to make it “perfect.”  As soon as you realize that no wedding goes 100% as planned, the more calm and realistic you’ll be.  You don’t want to drive everyone around you crazy, do you? 

  4. This is more than I thought I signed up for. You need to set reasonable expectations for your bridesmaids.  Dance rehearsals? Expensive travel plans and events?    Be upfront with estimated financial costs and time commitments. Everyone’s busy these days, so be mindful of other people’s schedules and wallet. 

  5. It’s not all about you. Your bridal party is there because they love and support you, but please be considerate of the bridal party and guests.  Always be respectful and courteous.  The “bride pass” can only be used so many times before it goes stale.    

  6. Hair & Makeup should be optional. You can offer it to be professionally done but don’t make it mandatory or be pushy about it.  Some women aren’t comfortable wearing too much makeup or just prefer to take care of it themselves.  We all have individual styles that should be respected. 

    Once again, consider everyone’s budget.  Having a friend who’s a makeup whiz do the makeup for the bridal party can help alleviate some budget concerns.  Covering the cost of hair & makeup could also be a nice gift to your bridal party.

  7. Shoes matter in an all day event. Women are particular about their shoes, especially since we can’t all walk in stilettos all day long.  Comfort is king these days!  Pick a neutral color and allow your gals to pick out their own shoes.  It’s ok if the shoes aren’t identical, but it’s reasonable to ask for same or similar color.   As long as it looks good with the dress – it’s all gravy.      

  8. I don’t want a dress that I’ll only wear once.  If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you know this all too well.  This is the dress that becomes the “closet stuffer.”  This is the dress that is so obviously a bridesmaid dress that you don’t wear it anywhere else. 

    Be honest, how many do you have in your closet?  Be considerate of your gal’s body shapes and offer several silhouettes to choose from.  Tight, form fitting or low cut dresses don’t look good on everyone.  And shapeless, boxy dresses may not flatter in the right places either.

#8 is something we’d love to help you with.  Here’s why your bridesmaids will love our dresses.

  • Forget the costly alterations. Midi length and flowy silhouettes that are easy to fit and flatter most body types. 
  • No 2-4 month ordering times. Our dresses are either in stock or available in a few short weeks.
  • Sustainably and ethically made with hemp or banana fabric.  
  • Our natural fabrics are breathable, plant-based and hypoallergenic.
  • With great moisture absorption, it’s perfect for warm weather.
  • She’ll actually want to wear again – date night, party dress
  • Cost per wear is much lower than a one-time dress.
  • Easy to dress up or down to fit the perfect occasion.

Feel free to share this post with any brides that could use these tips!  😀  

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