Lighter Living

“Lighter living” is a conscious lifestyle that honors the connectedness of the earth, its inhabitants and resources by actively preserving them for future generations.

Elevating your mind brings enlightenment and the conscious awareness that we’re interconnected to everything in the universe. This includes our outward appearance, our relationship with brands that we choose to support, and what we put in and on our bodies.

I believe in giving my consumers the opportunity to live consciously by putting the health of their minds, their bodies and our environment in the forefront of everything they do - beginning with the way they dress.

Through our Lighter Living narrative, we’re building a conscious community. Valani actively promotes its values of compassion towards others, animals, and the environment while protecting self awareness, self-love, and feminine individuality.
By loving ourselves and being aware of what goes in and on our bodies, we can become more conscious of the lifestyle we choose to live.

Valani supports these initiatives through its curation of sustainable clothing to not only make our consumer feel beautiful and loved, but to also give back to the planet simultaneously.

As part of the Lighter Living narrative we focus on amazing fabrics that are light on the planet and come with natural benefits.

Biodegradable fabrics are our trademark. We’re changing the eco-friendly fashion market with light and airy feminine styles using hemp, tencel, and banana fabric. This is one of the markers that makes Valani stand out while bringing peace of mind to consumers.

Lighter Living is a full lifestyle commitment - Our mission is to empower women to exemplify confidence while maintaining compassion for themselves, others, and the planet. Shopping Valani gives back to the community and charities while representing individuality and feminine strength. This is what Lighter Living is all about.

While supporting the value of sustainability, we’re bringing back the focus of positive self-imagery and self-love.

When you wear Valani you’re also wearing your beliefs on your sleeve and sharing in our narrative. Thank you for being part of our circle.

Join me on the journey of achieving Lighter Living, and learn to love yourself first along the way.  Let's hang out on the gram!

Shop our collection here.  We use quality, plant based and sustainable fabrics to create eco-gorgeous garments that are made to last.   We also plant (1) tree for every garment sold.

woman wearing double puff sleeve top in hempwoman wearing puff ruffle sustainable dress

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