Plant-Based Clothing VS. Vegan Clothing: What's the Difference?

Do you know the difference between vegan and plant-based clothing? It sounds like they may be very similar, but there are some key differences.

What if I told you that your clothes could be made from plants? And not just any plant, but sustainable materials like hemp, Tencel and even banana. That's right, the future of clothing is here!  The vegan movement is a social justice movement with environmental implications. It's not just about food anymore!

What is Vegan Clothing?

Vegan fashion refers to any garment that doesn't contain animal products such as wool (sheep), silk (silkworms), down feathers (ducks) and leather.

While some vegan clothing is plant based, not all of it is. Some brands use petroleum-based synthetics like polyester and nylon which aren't good for the planet or our skin. These synthetic fabrics can release volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs into the environment when they're disposed of, or even just washed at home. 

Recently, faux fur and faux leather have become quite popular. The synthetic materials are less expensive than their animal-based counterparts, but shoppers should be mindful that there may still be environmental impacts associated with these products as well. 

Faux furs often use petroleum or plastic fibers to keep them looking fluffy while real fur is usually made from rabbit pelts that have been sheared to remove excess hair. Faux leathers are generally made from non-biodegradable PVC or PU which means they are likely to end up in landfills when no longer used by consumers. 

It's pretty exciting to note that there are plant alternatives to leather now. Have you heard of apple, mushroom or pineapple leather? Pretty cool, right? As technology advances, we'll get more cruelty free options.

What is Plant Based Clothing?

Plant-based clothing is made from natural plant fibers like cotton, hemp and Tencel. This does not include synthetic fabrics. Many people think of plant-based clothing as trendy, but it's been around for decades. Think about it - cotton has been around forever and is the most popular plant fiber for clothing.

Benefits of Plant Based Fabrics

For those who want to live sustainably without sacrificing style, plant-based clothing is a great option!

More breathable and moisture absorbent than synthetic fibers.

Generally biodegradable if not blended with synthetics

Naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.

Eco-friendly - Plant fibers usually have less of an environmental impact than synthetic fabrics because they use fewer chemicals during production.

Vegan clothing is made from animal-free materials, but plant based clothing goes one step further. Plant based clothes are not only vegan and environmentally friendly, they’re also better for your health!

Find out why hemp, Tencel and banana fabrics are the new go-to for sustainable fabrics.   

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woman wearing white tencel top and sustainable midi banana skirtwoman wearing sustainable, eco-friendly hemp midi dress in grey

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