4 Ways to Organize Your Closet Responsibly

It's that time of year that we start looking for that favorite sweater to be able to hold onto our favorite summer looks.  Some of you may have even taken a look at your closet and thought it was a bit too much. 

Did you know that “10% of women say they feel depressed every time they open their closet doors.” (OnePoll survey of 1,000 American women). 

Most of us forget what is in our closet, actually, 61% of women stated they would buy new clothes because they couldn’t find it in their closet. 

With that in mind here are a few ways to create a more organized, sustainable closet.  

1)  Reduce: Get things out of your closet

Create 3 bins:

  • Friend, Sell, or Charity:  Items that are 2 sizes (too big or small) go in here.
  • Sentimental:  We all have those pieces that stall us and keep us from continuing the organizing process.  Those get a special space.
  • Broken:  Holes, rips, tears, missing buttons.  Or that white shirt you love, but you missed your lip drinking that delicious chocolate almond latté.  



    2) Reuse:  Items that didn’t go in the bin

    Items that didn’t make it into these bins get to go back into the closet.  However, organized.

      • Jackets, tops, bottoms dresses, seasonal and miscellaneous can all be put together.  This will help you be able to see everything as you are getting ready for that online meeting or work if/when you are back in the office.
      • Put the hangers in backward...this will allow you to keep a mental inventory of what you actually wear.  After the traditional weather seasons, determine what goes into the ‘friend, sell, or charity’ bin.
      • Items in the sentimental bin can be put away if you don’t wear them.

      3) Recycle: Time to decide what to do with the broken box

        • If it can’t be used find a clothing recycling center near you.  To find your nearest center try this Recycling locator.
        • If you are able to repair it, then set yourself a time limit to complete the task.

        • Make a plan for what you will do with your last bin:
        • A socially distanced clothing swap with your friend
        • Donate to your favorite charity
        • Sell online 
        • Participate in a stores buyback program

        4) Assess

        All of that is a lot of work - but so is stressing out about what to wear and finding that favorite outfit!  Congratulate yourself for just a second then see if there’s an item that would extend your wardrobe to make it more of a sustainable capsule closet. 

        Make a gift list! Are you void of color?  Did you realize all of your bottoms had to go in one of the bins?  A gift list allows you the opportunity to give yourself a thoughtful, sustainable addition to your closet.  This allows you to shop with parameters and without going cold turkey.  You know exactly what would accentuate the pieces in your current line up.  

        Check out our sustainable line of clothing here.  We use quality, plant based and sustainable fabrics to create eco-gorgeous garments that are made to last.   We also plant (1) tree for every garment sold.


        woman wearing sustainable hemp double puff sleeve top woman wearing pink ruffle dress

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