Our Commitment to Transparency

Follow the journey of our plant-based
garments from the design stage to you

  thoughtfully designed.
consciously crafted.

At Valani, we believe in the power of Lighter Living, and that begins with us. Our clothing is crafted with care - from the plant, to the factory, to you. We’re passionate about building a better fashion industry for everyone involved and creating dreamy, feel-good clothing everyone can enjoy.

meet the valani team

production facility

Tamil Nadu, India

Our GOTS 6.0 certified production partner adheres to stringent environmental and ethical standards. Tailors are paid hourly wages instead of by the piece, so quality and safety are never compromised for speed.  

Eco Friendly

  • No toxic chemicals
  • Low waste, scraps repurposed or recycled
  • Low impact, Oeko tex certified dyes

Fair Trade Compliant  

  • Safe, clean working conditions
  • No child or forced labor
  • Fair wages and working hours

It is part of our core mission to provide a safe working environment for our
team where each and every member can take pride in their craft.

design + development headquarters

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Our US based design team is an example of remote collaboration at its best. Vanni connects with the Chicago team from California, and many of the seamstresses are able to work from the comfort of home.

Mindful Design

  • Collaborative working environment
  • Patterns strategically designed for minimal fabric waste
  • Design team overseas quality control
  • Local job creation
  • Fair wages and flexible hours

fashion should be fun

While we’re busy fighting for better working conditions and environmental responsibility in the fashion industry, we still make time for fun.

For us, the design process is a chance for expression, experimentation, and play. We love discovering new fabrics, creating unique colors, and seeing our dreams come to life.

a peek into our process

From the first sketch to the final garment, we’re all about transparency.
We begin with a creative team based in the United States, and work hand in hand with
talented tailors in India until we get every detail right.
Lighter Living is easier than ever when you know exactly how and where your clothes are made.

1. Creative Storyboarding 

We start off with some basic sketches and create a mood board for inspiration.

2. Fabric Sourcing & color selection

We shuffle through stacks of fabric swatches to find what fits our vision.  The weight, feel, comfort and drape of each swatch is considered.

3. Design Development 

Sketches transform into CADS (technical drawings). Sizing specs are created.

4. Pattern Drafting

Patterns are drafted according to sizing, design and material specs. They’re also strategically drafted for low waste!

5. Cut and Sew Samples 

Our team in Chicago makes the initial samples.

6. Model Fitting & Refining

Models try on the samples. We assess the fit of the garment and refine designs and patterns as needed.

7. Find & Vet Production Partners 

Make sure they meet our ethical and environmental standards via third party audits and certs.

8. Create Final Samples

Factory creates final samples for us to assess quality.

9. Model Fitting & Refining

Models try on the samples and we do, too! Refine as needed.

10. Bulk Cutting

Fabric is skillfully cut for production, stacking layers of material and cutting each pattern piece by hand.

11. Small Batch Production

Allows us to produce what we need and avoid excess.

12. Delivery to You

We use eco-friendly materials to pack your garments.