models in hemp dress and banana fabric dress

our eco clothing care guide

Keep your plant-based clothing looking
beautiful longer and lighten the impact of laundry day.

how to care for your plant-based clothing

Natural fabrics have been around far longer than dry cleaners, so we’re taking it back to our roots. When in doubt, hand wash plant-based fabrics in cold water and let them air dry. Our banana fabric is delicate and should definitely be hand washed.

Many fabrics, like our Tencel and hemp/Tencel blends, can be machine washed on delicate if hand washing isn’t your thing. Cold water and air drying saves energy and guards against potential shrinking.

After drying, you may see some waviness and wrinkles. No worries! This is normal and happens with natural fabrics that aren't treated with harsh chemicals.

Just whip out the iron, set it on low and you'll be good to go.  

slow the cycle. green your routine.


Protect our waterways while keeping all of your items in play. No matter what it’s made of, keeping a garment longer is one of the greenest things you can do.

Use eco-friendly detergents and cold water. If you want to take it a step further, ditch the plastic bottles and use detergent strips.

tips for making your closet more green

be an outfit repeater

Americans throw away over 11 million tons of clothing a year. Wearing clothing for more than one season keeps clothes out of landfills and saves raw materials.

wash clothes less

It’s not gross to wear items more than once before washing. In fact, it’s green. You’ll save water and energy, and extend the life of your clothes by washing only when they need it.

launder smarter

Use a laundry bag or filter to catch microplastics when you wash performance clothes or other synthetics. It will keep tiny bits of plastic from escaping down the drain and into our waterways.

skip the cleaners

Spot clean a stain or hand wash an item in cold water instead of sending it to the dry cleaner. Most cleaners use tons of energy and unhealthy chemicals.

vote with your wallet

Support brands whose values align with yours. Keep an eye out for companies that are making the world a better place when it’s time to buy new.

keep the circle going

Upcycling and recycling are so important. Get crafty with salvaged fabric or find a clothing recycling dropoff when a garment’s useful life is done.

“We want you to enjoy your VALANI clothes for a long time.
Dreamy, sustainable clothing can exist."

- Vanni

tips for eco-friendly laundry


Changing your laundry routine is easier than you think. Just a few simple swaps here and there can make a huge difference. You can even save money on your utility bill by air drying. Your clothes will thank you (because they'll last longer).

Discover new tips to change things for the better.