5 Eco-Friendly Apps You Should Switch To NOW For A More Sustainable Life

Admit it: Our phones are part of our essentials nowadays.

We can’t go about our day without checking and checking in our phones and social media accounts. We use our phones to quickly reach someone (especially at the height of this pandemic two years back). 

One survey even details how Americans are very much glued to their phones – checking it 344 times per day or a shocking once every 4 minutes. “As many as 71% of us check our phones within 10 minutes of waking up,” it also reveals.

It’s undeniable that our phones are our constant companions.

Essentially, our lives are intricately weaved in on these small blocks of electronic ingenuity – for all the good reasons (we hope).

But did you know that you can also make a better world for yourself and everybody on this interconnected planet with just a few taps on your smartphone?

Yes! You can bring your environmental activism to your space, at your own time using eco-friendly apps right at your fingertips.

We must remember that it is crucial for all of us to take definite steps toward mitigating climate change. To turn the concern, fear, social media likes and shares – the abstract idea of ecological collapse – into something more personal, more accessible, and more actionable.

And what else can make this good fight fun, quick, and always done by the day?

That’s right – by adding them to your phone!

Here’s a list of the 5 eco-friendly apps you should install now to help build a more sustainable life. Read on!


1. Ecosia search engine

Is Google your best friend? Maybe…but allow me to introduce an eco-friendly competitor.

Meet Ecosia, the search engine extension that plants trees with your every search. Ecosia uses ad profits gathered from every search to replenish forests in various areas around the globe.

They also release regular financial reports to be transparent with their users and don’t sell your data to third-party advertisers.

To date, Ecosia has already planted 150 million trees (and counting)!

So why hesitate to use this as an alternative search engine when we’re seeing all good, green things from them, right?

Ecosia is compatible with PC and mobile – both Android and iOS.


2. iRecycle for directions to recycling centers

There is no “away” for your throw-aways. It would most likely end up stacked and trapped in landfills for many years to come or flow directly into bodies of water. So it’s important that people consider how to lessen their inputs and recycle properly.

This is where the iRecycle app from Earth911 comes in! By entering your current location – home, work, or even on the go – you can be directed to the closest recycling centers anywhere in the country. Their member companies can process more than 350 types of materials.

You can also visit their app to learn how-to guides on recycling, in articles and podcast form. And no stress on accessing their app because of its smooth minimalist interface.

Download iRecycle via the App Store or Google Play.


Lady Sitting in the flowery garden wearing Malina Asymmetrical One Shoulder Tencel Top


3. HappyCow vegan/plant-based food 

Our daily mobile routine won’t be complete without food for sure. Here’s HappyCow to show you around the block (or city or country) where you can find healthy food choices.

While becoming vegan might be a big jump for many, you can always start with vegetarian-friendly options that will pop up in the app. You’d be happy to know that HappyCow is “vegan-run, from a vegan perspective, and staffed by vegans and vegetarians” plus they stand for equality, love, and peace for all beings.

This global food sustainability collaboration can be accessed via the iOS and Android apps, and the website.


4. Too Good To Go for combating food waste

As much as choosing vegan meals is a positive step toward sustainability, people also need to consider the food that is being thrown into dumpsters – even when they are still perfectly good for consumption.

This is what the Too Good To Go app is for: saving food to help the planet and its people. Their service revolves around reducing food waste, by connecting the user with leftover food from cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Too Good To Go is available in various countries, thereby providing discounted meals to millions of people.

And what’s even cooler? They are a Certified B Corporation!

Help out by downloading the app via the app on App Store or Google Play.


5. Think Dirty for clean beauty and household products

Obsessed with beauty products but can’t seem to find the right and kind shops?

Let Think Dirty do the investigating for you. This app tells you about the toxic ingredients that might be present in your favorite beauty, household, and personal products. 

Check out their Dirty Meter and compare the ingredients and impacts of each product when you shop. This powerful app can also assist you in finding better and eco-friendly cosmetic and household item swaps.

Right now Think Dirty is also offering a subscription gift box that packs all the good and clean beauty products they approved of – a sweet little “#selflove as the best reward for thinking dirty all year long!” 

Think Dirty is a BBB Accredited Business and a member of the Eco-Packaging Alliance.

Find their app inside the App Store or Google Play.

Quick Tip: Want to feel and look beautiful without the guilt? Pair your clean beauty and personal products with sustainable clothing! See our lookbook here.

Quick refresh before installing them all!

Now that we’ve discussed some of the ways you can incorporate sustainability into the most important parts of your life – food, beauty, fashion, and the internet rabbit hole…

It is important that we bring back this reminder for our green crusade:

Using these apps for your sustainable efforts is fun and all okay… but we shouldn’t forget where the biggest and most impactful responsibility lies in our fight for a more livable planet.

The greatest percentage of the world’s historical greenhouse gas emissions is driven by only a few fossil fuel companies – and we must still call for their accountability.

This is where I ask you to think about this urgent situation deeply.

Maybe there is no one web browser extension that can drastically address climate change…

But one small act can still create little ripples… that can then create a wave when done by the hundreds of millions of people on their phones, online.

So yes, continue to join massive movements in calling for climate action – but also do your own revolution at home, on your phones.

Ready? Get set. Install!




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