How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding

The wedding industry definitely needs to lighten its carbon footprint.  It’s quite wasteful and expensive in general, but it doesn’t need to be.  More couples are becoming eco-conscious and with that are wedding vendors and venues in terms of their options.  Times are definitely changing.  

Let’s live a little lighter and reduce some stress on you, the planet and your wallet!   Here are few ways that you can plan an eco-friendly and sustainable day to remember.  




1.  Invitations

Let’s go digital. From e-bills to e-books, things are trending paperless now.  So why not do the same for wedding invitations, save the date cards, change the date cards, and RSVP cards, etc.   Printing and postage for these printed items can add up fast.   

If you really need something tangible, opt for invitations made of recycled paper, seeded paper or kraft paper.

2. Wedding Websites  

Here’s where you can share your amazing love story, important details and FAQs. Guests can RSVP and let you know of any special requests.  You can easily keep track of who has or hasn’t RSVP yet.  So convenient and paper free!    

Make your website as detailed as possible – this means less insert cards
if you choose to do a physical invitation.  i.e. driving directions,  accommodations, RSVP cards.        


3.  One time use cards 

Not everyone needs a separate menu or wedding program.  Most of the time, these cards are left on the chair at the end of event or carried away by the wind.  Try a chalk board that you can repurpose later or include this info on your wedding website. 


4.  Reusable Signage

Look for pre-made signs.   It can be repurposed or sold to someone who may need it.  Think “Wedding this way, here comes the bride.”  Not everything needs to have your name, if it does; a black chalkboard does the trick.  Chalk boards definitely add some charm to the décor as well. 

DÉCOR – single use is out.  Natural, upcycling and repurposing is in.

5.  Natural Décor – wood arbors, flower garlands, potted plants. 
Use leafy vines to tie chair covers, real leaves with handwritten names as place cards!   It's cute and biodegradable.

6.  Upcycled Décor – Upcycle corks, coffee cans, wine bottles, glass jars or tin cans to create centerpieces, decorations or table number vessels.  Be creative with paint, twine, lace, fabric, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  Perfect for a rustic, natural, farm chic or backyard wedding. 


7.  Rent wedding décor instead of buying.  Plates, tableware, linens, chairs covers and napkins can all be rented.  Some florists, caterers, event planners offer this.  You might even be able to save a bit if it’s a package deal.

8.  Ditch the balloons

Yes it’s a party, but balloons are one time use and end up in the landfill.  If it flies away, it ends up littering the streets or in the waterways.   If you need to draw attention to something, try putting up reusable signs tied with flowers. 

Try using colored tissue paper to make puffs or flowers.  It’s biodegradable, inexpensive and recycled tissue paper options are easily available. 

9.  Dinner by candlelight

Plant-based candles are inexpensive, natural and a beautiful way to brighten up your wedding day.  It also cuts back on electricity.



10.  Use live, potted plants instead of cut flowers for centerpieces and decorations.  At the end of the day, these live plants can be repurposed at home, gifted to guests or charities. 

11.  Ditch the floral sponge.  It’s the green squishy sponge commonly used inside of floral arrangements.  You may not see it, but it’s so popular amongst florist because it’s easy to use and hide. 

Although it’s green and mossy-like, it’s not a natural product.  It’s made of microplastics, toxic chemicals and does not biodegrade.  1 block of foam = 10 plastic shopping bags. 

Instead, try using pebbles, sand, gravel, clay, or marbles inside of vases,  bottles or jars. 

12.  Donate your flowers after the event to local charities.

13.  Compost leftover flowers and natural decorations instead of sending it to the landfill.  Landfills are too overcrowded for things to biodegrade – it lacks oxygen, soil and moisture. 

If it does biodegrade, it’s extremely slow.  When food scraps and yard waste are sent to the landfill to rot, it produces methane—a greenhouse gas even more potent than carbon dioxide.


14.  Gift Registry – choose items that you actually need and can use long term.  If you’d rather opt for monetary gifts to cover expenses, that’s ok too – be upfront about it in your wedding website.  For some cultures, monetary gifts are expected.       

Encourage your guests to skip the wrapping or use eco-friendly wrapping options.  i.e. recyclable or reusable wrapping paper, kraft paper or cloths.  Twine instead of ribbons.  


15.  Party Favors – gift things that people will actually use and are low/zero waste.  Here are a few ideas:

Packets of flower or vegetables seeds are great.  Popularly seen with the phrase “watch love grow.” 

Packets of bird seeds or bird seed feeders

Mini potted plants – succulents are easy to take care of. 

Tree saplings to plant.

Soaps wrapped with twine. 

Edible treats – make sure the packaging is biodegradable or low waste. 


16.  Hair Accessories -  Floral crowns or just a few flowers are so simple yet elegant.  Or get that "something borrowed" from friends and family for bridal combs and veil.

17.  Shoes - Go with a neutral color.  Chances are your bridal party already has a pair in her closet.  Never require everyone to wear the same pair.  We can't all wear high heels all day long.  Comfort is king on such a busy day.

18.  Groom & Groomsmen - Rent the tux.  How many times would you actually need to wear a tux or that specific colored vest and bowtie?  Or buy nice suits that you can wear for other occasions.  

19.  Bridesmaid's Dresses – Most bridesmaid dresses are worn only ONCE and become ‘closet stuffers.’  Why?  It might not actually fit her style or lacks versatility to be repurposed for other events. 

So we’d like to help with that!  Here are a few reasons why you’ll love our dresses.

  • No need for costly alterations. Our midi length and flowy silhouettes are easy to fit and flatter most body types. 
  • No 2-4 month ordering times. Our dresses are either in stock or available in a few short weeks.
  • Sustainably and ethically made with hemp or banana fabric.  
  • Our natural fabrics are breathable, plant-based and hypoallergenic.
  • With great moisture absorption, it’s perfect for warm weather.
  • You’ll actually want to wear it again – date night, party dress, vacation.
  • Cost per wear is much lower than a one-time dress.
  • Easy to dress up or down to fit the perfect occasion.

20.  Bridal gown -  Most brides will wear this dress ONCE and keep it for sentimental value.  It'll cost a few hundred dollars to dry clean and preserve in a huge box.   Outdoor weddings are trending hard this year. 

Our Sokha banana dress in white is perfect for rustic, farm-chic, beach, outdoor or backyard weddings.   The best part - you'll absolutely wear it again and it's sustainably made!   Beautiful, sustainable and affordable.  SHOP SOKHA HERE.     


Feel free to share this post with any brides that could use these tips!  😀  SHOP OUR DRESS COLLECTION.  👇




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