7 Ways to Start a Sustainable Lifestyle In A Fun, Healthy, And Cheap Way In 2023

Who isn’t aware of the climate crisis nowadays? It’s talked about on social media, in books, at big, international conferences, on television (remember that one “Good Morning Britain” interview that was giving “Don’t Look Up” vibes?), in politics, and even in the much talked about apocalyptic film “Don’t Look Up.”

The thing is: everyone knows about the “single biggest health threat facing humanity” – that the climate crisis must be addressed and acted upon with great urgency.

Now, we must also remember that only a handful of investors and fossil fuel companies are actually driving the greatest percentage of the world’s historical greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s not something, we as consumers can drastically change with a few zero waste home projects. That’s why we’re also calling for accountability from these businesses and from the governments that should side with the welfare of their people. 

So are we, then, free to go on our daily lives, consuming the same products and patronizing the same businesses, since the direct guilt is out of our hands?

Even when we see the uncomfortable truth?

Not really. There is still something – and something big, meaningful, and effective – we can do to help combat climate change even in our own simple ways!

And, trust me, it’s going to be fun, healthy, and cheap! A winning triple combo if you ask me!

Ready to make your greatest positive impact on the earth? Then continue reading below.

1.  Be intentional.

No, it’s not zoning out or simply staring into the vast nothingness (although, that sounds like a super chill way to relax our info-loaded brains once in a while!).

 Living intentionally is about the big and small changes in your behavior that will ultimately help you create the outcome that you’re looking for.

Sometimes, it’s working on extending your sleeping hours or sleeping earlier; it’s eating and savoring your every bite rather than chomping on food while watching TV; it’s keeping a journal to celebrate, remember, and learn from each day.

The steps to being intentional in your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle are three-pronged:

One: Have a clear vision of what you truly want to achieve. 

Two: Understand your greatest “why” for taking on this vision. 

Three: Turn the visualization into workable steps. But don’t worry about the huge leaps; start where you are and with what you have and can do.

2.  Try minimalism 

Minimalism has been a buzzword for years now and has created an incredible movement that not only encapsulates the fashion style but also a way of living.

And no, minimalism isn’t holding back from buying clothes or books or home decor. Minimalism is a way to have peace and find meaning in your life by removing all those unnecessary and distracting factors – whether they may be toxic people, growth-stunting tasks, or material possessions.

In your new sustainable lifestyle, you can start with decluttering and taking stock of what you have now. This, in turn, will show you how you can revert to better choices in your purchase or usage.

With minimalism, you don’t have to miss what brings you joy – plus, you can also be kinder to the world too! Seriously, minimalism isn’t about having less, it’s about having more clarity in your life about what’s really important. 

3.  Learn to prepare your own food.

Now, take this as a fun challenge in leveling up your life skills!
If you aren’t comfortable yet in the kitchen or are scared by the seemingly daunting task of feeding yourself something nutritious and delicious (all without burning down the building), you can start small. 

Combine buying in bulk and buying produce that’s in-season with planting a few window-friendly or small garden vegetables

Try out simpler recipes that only need a quick mix, blend, or whisk. Try out vegetarian or vegan dishes. Incorporate more plant-based dishes. Find recipes that use the same bases for soups or protein, so you can swap anytime you like.

The biggest win here is that you save more by cooking only what you can and like to eat. No wasted food, no wasted plastic containers, no wasted money!

4.  Go zero waste (or low waste) at home. 

Yes, it is possible to start the cleaner change at home! Wouldn’t you be comfier with a household that has no harsh chemicals, has all-natural solutions, and saves up on money?

Almost everywhere now on social media and on blogs do we see people sharing homemade cleaning mixtures, offering organic and zero waste toiletries, and teaching easy-to-follow green swaps for all-around use. All a click away for you!

Do you really need 10+ different types of chemical cleaners for your home? Naw, not really. It’s just what the big corporations want you to believe. You can start with loofa, vinegar, lemons, baking soda, castile soap, kitchen compost, and many more. There really is no need for investing in appliances or big batches of industrial chemicals to keep your space livable.  

Remember: Lasting change starts from the inside (of the house).

5.  Shop at sustainable clothing and fashion stores.

First off - what is sustainable clothing? 

Sustainable clothing refers to fabrics and clothing materials that come from green, ethical, or eco-friendly sources, which can either be from sustainably grown plants or even from recycled items.

It also puts into consideration the business practices of your clothing stores and brands  – whether they are designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in a sustainable way. We talk more about sustainable clothing here

 So… how to incorporate this step into your life?

Easy – go wild with your options! Simply walk around your neighborhood or city and you’ll see organic, vegan, thrift, and sustainable shops pop up everywhere. Go online and you’ll see not only local brands but even options that may be hard to source from your place. The world really is your (sustainable) oyster!

People are slowly waking up to the green revolution and making it more personal by incorporating the change into their daily living – and even into their daily fits!

There are places where you can find the perfect shoes that come from raw, organic materials, vegan leather, and even recycled plastic.

You can then pair these up with accessories, bags, and dresses that are all sustainable.

Look here for our special collection and try out tops and bottoms that are made from banana fabric, flowy hemp, and Tencel material. Comfy, kind to the planet, and pretty? Yes, yes and yes!

P.S. Did you know that choosing these products is actually kinder to the budget in the long run? Yes! Because they are made to last, made to match any season, and made with all the care and love our artisans can pour into them.

 Lovely collection for a lovely person, if you ask me!


Dreamy, Sassy Sustainable Clothies for Women | Sustainable Fashion | VALANI sustainable Fashion Brand


6.  Eat less meat.

The meat industry being one of the leading causes of climate change and pollution is a known fact.

So by simply reducing the amount of meat you eat, the industry’s impact on the environment is lessened.

How to go by this? Simple: incorporate more plant-based proteins or choose sustainably-raised meat and poultry.

Give it a more fun twist by joining campaigns such as #MeatlessMondays or trying vegetarian recipes in exchange. Whatever route you choose, reducing your meat consumption is a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

7. Donating gently used items.

Whether these are clothes that no longer fit or products you no longer use, there’s someone out there who can put them to good use.

Not only does donating stuff reduce waste, but it also helps someone in need. A win-win! Not to mention, it feels really good to declutter your home and know that you’re helping others in the process.

So next time you’re doing a bit of spring cleaning, be sure to set aside anything you don’t need and drop it off at your local charity shop. Don’t forget to ask for a tax deduction slip.

So… when will you start living a sustainable lifestyle?

There is no hard rule set before you can start dipping your toes into green living. Each and every small effort to keep the environment thriving is equally important and appreciated.

As long as you have the wholehearted intention, coupled with action, to enact positive change, you are already a steward of the earth!

This list is your guide to taking the next incredible steps to a kinder and more (positively) impactful life – one that you can create in a fun way, all without breaking the bank.

So, are you ready to make the switch now? VALANI is ready to rock with you and kickstart your sustainable wardrobe!


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