Best Colors for Your 2023 Spring Summer Wedding

Need help deciding on color themes for your gorgeous day?   There are sooo many combos to choose from and it can make your head spin. 

If you're planning on a spring or summer wedding, I've got a few tips that will hopefully spark some inspiration for you.  



Purple hues are making a comeback.  Violets, lilac and lavenders have always been popular for good reason!  It’s a timeless choice for weddings and easy to incorporate into so many things.   You don’t need to stick to one specific tone.  Play with different hues of purple and don’t be afraid to mix it up with light, medium shades and throw in bolder shades for some contrast.

Purple is an easy color to use for décor, particularly flowers.  There are so many purple flowers to choose from!  Try to choose flowers that are in season – it’ll be easier to find and better for your wallet.

Flowers:     Lavenders, violets, roses, orchids, tulips, etc. 
Pairs with: White/crème, grey, blush, blue, sage




If you’re looking for a color theme that screams ‘happy times are here!’ then pink is calling your name.  Pink is my favorite color so I’m a bit biased here.  I used vibrant fuchsia and pinks for my own wedding and loved it!   With 2020 being such an epic year, I think we could all use a bit of bright, cheery and fun colors to celebrate happy beginnings.   

Pink is another easy color to incorporate in just about everything.   Mixing different hues of pink can add more depth, dimension and personality.  Too much pink?  Pair pinks with white/crème.  Fuchsia and turquoise go well (those were my wedding colors). 

Flowers:     Roses, orchids, tulips, star lilies, carnations        
Pairs with: White/crème, grey, blush, blue




If you’re looking for something different, we’ve got some ideas.  Have you seen Hemp dresses for a wedding?  No? It’s different but it works!  Our dresses have tiny flecks of white and navy blue, so it’s quite easy to pair things with.  This dress works really well if you’re going for that farm house chic or rustic vibe.  But seriously…these dresses can work anywhere.  Lots of greenery and white flowers would look so gorgeous with these dresses.    

Flowers:     Roses, orchids, tulips, sunflowers, baby’s breath       
Pairs with: White/crème, blush, blue, pinks, sage green




Who said only the bride can wear white?  White is clean, crisp, chic and easily flatters, so why not?  I recommend the ladies wearing the same shade of white or ivory.  If not, some whites may appear “dirty” when standing next to each other in photos.   Too much white?  No worries, feel free to add a pop of color with bouquets, hair décor and shoes.      

Flowers:  Use ANY color and variety you want as it all matches with white.
Pairs with: ANY color

Fun fact: Traditionally, bridesmaids wore white to confuse evil spirits on who the actual bride is.  In actuality, it’s done because it looks amazing!



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