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Sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make at VALANI.   In the fashion industry, the word sustainability is extremely broad and overused---it seems that every brand has a different definition. 

We choose to honor sustainability through the choice of fabrics and materials that we use.  For VALANI, that means working with only plant-based fabrics.  This means no animal-based fabrics, including wool or silk. 

While a lot of brands claim to be sustainable, they lack transparency that allows consumers to make educated purchasing decisions. At VALANI,  we’re committed to being fully transparent with you, from sourcing all the way to purchasing. 

I want my buyers to know the backstory of exactly where their pieces are coming from, and that they’re 100% cruelty-free in all aspects. 

This is why I choose to only work with plant based fabrics, including Hemp, Tencel & banana.  From the time the seed is planted in the earth - to the time the product arrives at your doorstep -  we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

At Valani, we keep an open window policy that gives our consumers a firsthand look into how we create our garments and where they come from. 

Details are listed on our website about our partners, supply chain and sustainability efforts. By sharing this information, our consumers can purchase fully trusting that we’re delivering on their beliefs. This is important to us because Lighter Living is more than just a marketing initiative. 

Lighter Living means choosing to buy with compassion and consciousness for the environment and animals.  My hope is that consumers can connect with us on a deeper level because we share the same passions. 

To us, connecting with our consumer means much more than just appealing to the eye. We’re more than just a company and consumer. We’re both supporting an initiative together- contributing to the protection of our earth and animals.

After spending a lot of time researching industry practices, I decided we would not work with wool or silk because it’s not truly humane. While other brands claim to be cruelty-free, shearing animals for their wool is dangerous, painful, and harmful to their health.  

Newly shorn sheep are prone to hypothermia and have high mortality rates.  Shearers are typically paid by weight rather than by the hour.   This causes them to care more about speed rather than the sheep’s welfare - leading to abuse, cuts and mutilations.  Despite common beliefs, the wool industry is cruel and bloody.  

The same goes for sourcing silk.  Silkworms are actually boiled or gassed alive during the process.  

This is why you’ll never find these materials in any of our clothing. 

Showcasing our factories is important at Vanni because consumers have a right to know what they’re buying and where it came from.

Our fabrics are sustainable because they are plant-based, biodegradable and sourced that way too -- 

I’ve always gravitated towards Hemp because of its versatility and amazing features and benefits.  It’s 4 times stronger than cotton, yet becomes softer with every wash, and is flowy and breathable.

Our Banana Fabric is sourced in India and made by local weavers.  It looks and feels like silk which makes it a great alternative.  Banana Fabric is Biodegradable, sustainable, and recyclable.  It’s actually made from agricultural waste… Since fruit can only be harvested from banana trees once in their lifetime, the tree stems are discarded.

This creates a massive amount of waste as well as greenhouse gases as they decompose in open dump sites.  By utilizing this byproduct, we are able to provide additional jobs in communities and reduce waste. 

Check out our sustainable line of clothing here.  We use quality, plant based and sustainable fabrics to create eco-gorgeous garments that are made to last.   We also plant (1) tree for every garment sold.

woman wearing sustainable hemp dress

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