34 Super Easy Plastic Free Swaps

It's no secret that the world is so dependent on plastic.  It's pretty much everywhere you look and we even digest it without knowing.  Every week, it's estimated that people ingest an amount equal to the weight of one credit card.  

Have you heard of plastic free July!  I know it may seem a bit daunting to be completely plastic free.  This month is more about spreading awareness of the plastic problem at hand and making changes to decrease the use of plastics in our lives.  

Don't worry, there are so many online shops that sell low waste items!  I like earthhero.com for misc. things.  

Here are are few of my favorite, easiest swaps that you can make.


1.  Menstrual Cups  - some lasts up to 10 years.  Saves $$.

2.  Reusable menstrual pads vs. single use

3.  Vegetable loofahs vs. plastic loofahs

4.  Shampoo & Conditioner bars - travel friendly

5.  Body Bar Soaps - travel friendly

6.  Face Bar Soaps - travel friendly

7.  Lotion Bars - travel friendly

8.  Hand soap bars 

9.  Toothpaste tablets - travel friendly

10.  Reusable Cotton pads

11. Safety Razors or electric shavers

12.  Bamboo toothbrushes

13.  Bamboo hair brushes or combs

14.  Natural deodorant in plastic free packaging

15. Toilet paper - buy from brands that wrap the rolls in paper rather than plastic.  My favorite is "who gives a crap."  No dyes, scents and it's made from bamboo instead of trees.

16.  Get a bidet or spray hose - maybe you won't even need tp anymore!  

17.  Cotton swabs - buy the kind that are plastic free or buy a reusable swab like "last swab" that's supposed to last for a 1000 uses.



18.  Paper towel rolls - often wrapped in plastic.  Instead try reusable cloth.  Who Gives a Crap also sells paper towel rolls wrapped in paper.  

19.  Dish Bar soaps 

20.  Laundry detergent strips

21.  Vinegar instead of bleach - brightens and disinfects

22.  Dryer sheets are made of polyester and chemicals.  Swap with dryer balls.

23.  Reusable food wrap - it's commonly made from beeswax, but I have some that are plant based and vegan.

24.  Reusable straws 

25.  Reusable travel cutlery

26.  Reusable water bottles

27.  Travel thermos - great for coffee or tea on the go

28.  Bring your own leftover food containers

29.  Bamboo or wooden cooking utensils

30.  Bamboo or wooden cutting boards

31.  Reusable grocery bags

32.  Reusable produce bags

33.  Dish cloths instead of plastic sponges.  A stainless steel scrubber will help get the food bits off.  



34.  Buy clothes made of plant based fabrics vs. synthetics like polyester and nylon.  

This is a long list of which are the EASIEST swaps that I actually use.  My advice is to tackle one area at a time - the bathroom was probably the easiest.    

We use quality, plant based fabrics that are not blended with synthetics.  Our gorgeous garments are timeless. gorgeous and sustainable.   We also plant (1) tree for every garment sold.

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